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Discover the Truth, Design the Solution,
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We offer a full-stack suite of services to companies and organizations looking to build or augment their digital ecosystems through strategy consulting, human-centric design and web/mobile development.

Digital Strategy

Discovering the right challenges to solve

The first step towards building a solid digital strategy is having a deep understanding of an organization’s ecosystem.

We work with organizational stakeholders to discover business goals and opportunities, and with end-users to uncover their unmet wants and needs, along with what’s working well for them. This allows us to provide informed guidance and important recommendations around existing digital initiatives, planned digital projects and new ideas.

One of our primary goals is to identify the right challenges to address before your organization commits more time and money developing solutions that might not address the right thing.

Collaboratively, we can develop a strategic vision that aligns with both the needs of the organization and it’s users alike, so we can ultimately build the right thing.


Digital solutions designed for human interaction

Design creates a direct connection between you and your customers. It’s where brand expectations can be missed or exceeded.

Your user interface isn’t window dressing. It showcases products and services, meets user needs and demonstrates your commitment to customer service. It frames the engagement your customers have with your organization. Good web design isn’t actively noticed as much as it is passively experienced through intuitiveness and delight.

Our collaborative design process involves research, sketching, prototyping and an iterative approach based on testing and user feedback. The result is a human-centric solution that’s as effective as it is a delight to use.

Drupal Content Management

We help you collect, manage, and disseminate your message

Drupal is a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

For most of our clients, it is a proven platform that they can depend on to provide content management for their websites, web and mobile applications, and pretty much anything else digital that requires content. Drupal is open source software, and therefore is free to download. It’s supported by a huge community of developers, and is used by some of the most trafficked sites on the internet, including,, and to name a few.

We are Drupal experts at Therefore. We’ve been involved with the Drupal community and using Drupal since 2007. We’ve built some of the largest Drupal sites in Canada, including which services over 350,000 of its members daily.

Web and Mobile Development

When it comes to writing quality code, it’s personal

We're obsessive about developing secure, scalable, performant and flexible web-based products and platforms for our clients.

It’s important to us that code be written the right way and be purposeful. We architect solutions for interconnectivity by thinking of web-based solutions as distributed solutions rather than monolithic structures. Using modern code libraries, architectures, and API systems, we build for long-term maintainability, portability and upgradability.

Long-Term Support

The real fun starts when a site goes live

The web is ever-changing, and rife with uncertainty.

Technologies that drive the web are only getting more complex as they make attempts to gracefully adapt. With increased complexity, uncertainty, and moving and changing parts, it’s more important than ever to see that a web product is akin to a living entity that needs regular care and attention.

We provide long-term support and preventative maintenance services for our clients’ projects and platforms. When something goes wrong, we want to know before you or your customers and users know there’s something wrong. That’s why we developed an issue detection system that continuously monitors critical site and app features and workflows for problems. This system not only monitors live sites for critical issues, but it can also be used to prevent code changes that will disrupt critical functionality from being promoted to a production environment.

We understand that your organization has unique needs, so each LTS program is customized to suit your organization.

Listed below are some of the more common components within an LTS package:

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