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We offer a full-stack suite of services to companies and organizations looking to build or augment their digital ecosystems through strategy consulting, human-centric design and web/mobile development.

Long-Term Support

The real fun starts when a site goes live

The web is ever-changing, and rife with uncertainty.

Technologies that drive the web are only getting more complex as they make attempts to gracefully adapt. With increased complexity, uncertainty, and moving and changing parts, it’s more important than ever to see that a web product is akin to a living entity that needs regular care and attention.

We provide long-term support and preventative maintenance services for our clients’ projects and platforms. When something goes wrong, we want to know before you or your customers and users know there’s something wrong. That’s why we developed an issue detection system that continuously monitors critical site and app features and workflows for problems. This system not only monitors live sites for critical issues, but it can also be used to prevent code changes that will disrupt critical functionality from being promoted to a production environment.

We understand that your organization has unique needs, so each LTS program is customized to suit your organization.

Listed below are some of the more common components within an LTS package:

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